Discount designer wedding dresses London

Discounted Designer Wedding Dresses London

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At Watters, luxurious fabrics, exquisite details, and flattering, feminine silhouettes are essential. We only do gorgeous. 30 years ago, Vatana Watters made a few dresses for friends and family, and found herself in demand. By the late 1980s, Watters had become a leading brand in bridal. Our in-house designers personally place the most intricate details of our gowns, because there are no substitutes for artistry and craft.

Every bride and attendant is unique. The breadth of our designs and our ability to customize ensure all of you will look your very best. We’re inspired every day by your real-life romance, and passionate about our role in your perfect wedding experience.


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Watters, is just one designer wedding dress brand that we specialise in. View our other brands from the main menu at the top of the page. If its a discount designer wedding dress London that you’re after, we know you’ll find it in one of our many collections.

Or maybe you’re looking for plus size dresses? If that’s the cases, why not visit our curves website.


  • Innika and Ranae come together as a two piece and my sample is in ivory not pink was £1265 now £950, uk size approx 6/8

  • Olena was £1500 now £1200, uk size approx 12/14

  • Imari was £1240 now £950, uk size approx 10/12

  • Simone was £1275 now £900, uk size 10/12

  • Marlo was £945 now £800 uk size approx 12/14

  • Hazel was £1050 now £900 uk size approx 8/10

  • Clementine was £1280 now £950, uk size approx 10/12

  • Kendrew was £1400 now £1000, uk size approx 12/14

  • Harmony was £1400 now £1100, uk size approx 12

  • Lainie was £1400 now £1100, uk size approx 10

  • Virgo was £1200 now £900, uk size approx 10